Mould has been identified as a leading cause of poor health in some communities. Cleaning mould as soon as you notice it is highly recommended. You need to wear protective clothing to avoid breathing in the mould spores. However, cleaning does not provide a long term solution to the mould problem. Cleaning only tackles the effects, i.e the mould and does not address why the mould is thriving in the first place. This is where CDN Restoration DKI comes in.

We are experts in mould remediation and abatement and will help you identify and eliminate the source of the mould. Common causes include high humidity and water damage from leaking pipes or roof or drying laundry in the house without connecting the dryer hose to the outside.

Mould Remediation Toronto
How Can We Help You?

Call us  if you detect a persistent musty smell in your home or you discover a large mould colony which keeps coming back even after thorough cleaning. We have highly trained and skilled mould consultants to help you eliminate the root cause of your mould problem once and for all. With our mould remediation services, we aim to make your home safe for you and your family once again.

Emergency Roof Repairs Toronto

Discovered water on your premises? We are available for emergency calls and we can handle the entire process from beginning to end for you.

Whether you have a mould problem at home or at work, give us a call now on (416) 620-9900 and you can rely on us to make you safe again.

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