Dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic death in the family home or office environment can be an emotional experience even for the hardest of us. Road traffic accident scenes, suicide or homicide scenes may have blood and other body fluids present, which require sanitizing and cleaning before the spaces can be used again. At CDN Restoration DKI we have a team of specialist trauma cleaners who will remove every trace of blood and other fluids.

Blood and body fluids are a special type of waste called biohazard waste. Specialist chemicals and equipment is required to ensure the scene is cleaned and left in a safe and sanitary condition. We appreciate trauma situations are difficult to handle emotionally and present some of the most challenging and dangerous cleaning jobs.

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Unattended death clean up also form one of the services we provide. In some cases, the lone occupant of a property passes away and they lie undiscovered for weeks. After all the investigations are concluded, we are often called in to provide a thorough clean up service.

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Discovered water on your premises? We are available for emergency calls and we can handle the entire process from beginning to end for you.

Faced with a trauma scene that needs cleaning up? Call us today (416) 620-9900 and we will erase every visible trace of blood and other remains. Our service is discreet and we handle all jobs with professionalism and sensitivity.

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